Patient Testimonials

“My whole family goes to see Dr. Caskey. We all love him! He takes his time and explains everything. Treats everyone like a person which is hard to find with doctors.”

“Dr. Caskey is so good. He takes great care of our whole family. I highly recommend him as a doctor.”

“Dr. Caskey is my new PCP. He helps manage my hypothyroidism. He also discovered a fews concerns with some blood work. He is very personable. I highly recommend him as a PCP.”

“Dr. Caskey is one of the absolute best physicians I have seen in the past 46 years who truly cares about his patients’ well-being and health. Many other doctors just prescribe pain meds to get patients out of their office fast (believe me!). Dr. Caskey actually spends quality time with you and his last resort is pain meds. I had neck and back pain for almost 8 years, Dr. Caskey helped me with acupuncture and OMT (which he explains). My pain is virtually gone and he got me off my meds!”

“Awesome doctor. Very easy to talk to. A+ grade.”

“Crazy good doc, he takes care of the whole fam.”

“5 star doctor. I saw Dr. Caskey when my primary doctor was away. He is fantastic and is so easy to talk to! I highly recommend him.”

“Justin is the best doctor I have ever been to. He fixed my back and neck pain and got me back to work. I can’t thank him enough.”

–Healthgrades Reviews


Humanity and Compassion still exist. He is by far the best physician I have ever encountered. Office visits with Dr. Caskey make you feel that not all is lost with regard to humanity. He is patient and takes the time to explain things to you as well as gives you opportunity to ask questions. I will make the hour trip to see him when necessary.”

“JC is the man. He fixed up my neck. Now I’m back to the gym like back in the day. Forever grateful.”

“Very, very good doctor. He is the best around.”

“Justin has really, really good bedside manner. Talking to him is like talking to a friend. He really cares about his patients.”

“Super doc. Best doctor in CT.”

“Awesome doctor.”

“I love my doctor.”

“Great doc and a really cool guy.”

“Dr. Caskey is the best. He cured my headaches. You have to go see him. There is no one else like him.”

“Dr. Caskey is awesome. He completely fixed my neck and back pain. I tell everyone to come and see him as a patient.”

“Dr. C is the best! I love how he always teaches me about natural medicine.”

“I recently transferred to Dr. Caskey after moving to Portland a few tears ago. From my first appointment I was impressed with his approach to me as a patient, professional, courteous, caring and a good listener. He had answers to all my questions and his approach to medicine is comforting. Pleasant and probably the best doctor I have seen.”

“Since we moved to Connecticut from England, Dr. Caskey has taken exceptional care of my whole family. He is truly a top notch physician.”

“Hands down, the BEST doctor I have ever been to!”

“Dr. Justin Caskey was very informative ,very good listener and very caring. I will definitely refer friends and family to him. He is above a FIVE STARS DOCTOR….”

“I was extremely happy with my visit with Dr. Caskey! He was very kind, informative, and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions thoroughly. I would highly, highly recommend him!”

– Reviews




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